INTEGRALEDU Scholarship – Bucharest, January 2020

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The winner of the scholarship challenge will have the opportunity to win a Scholarship of up to 100% on tuition fees on a one or two-year A-Level course at Kings London or Kings Bournemouth. Kings will also offer an additional scholarship of 50% for the same courses.


Format of the tests:

Part 1.

Mathematics test consisting of 10 questions worth 1 point each.

Time allowed: 30 minutes

Part 2.

Verbal Reasoning test consisting of 10 questions worth 1 point each.

Time allowed: 20 minutes

Break: 10 minutes

Part 3.

Use of Vocabulary test consisting of 10 questions worth 1 point each.

Time allowed: 25 minutes

Part 4.

Writing test considering two essay questions worth 20 points each.

Time allowed: 45 minutes

Maximum word count: 250 each essay


Total points available: 70

Total test time: 2 hours

Total time: 2 hours and 10 minutes

• No calculators are permitted in the Maths test

• Please bring your own pen and pencil

• Please make sure all answers are clearly written and readable

• Making notes is permitted during the test (blank paper will be provided)



Oral presentation

Students should choose one of the following ten topics and prepare a 7–10-minute presentation. Students should research and prepare thoroughly, putting forward a well-considered discursive argument; the presentation should not be merely descriptive. Notes can be used, but not reading from a script.

Presentation topics


  1. Work experience should be mandatory for all high-school students.  Would you consider this a benefit?
  2. Developing counties should be exempt from global environmental policies to help their economic growth.
  3. With global threats of terrorism, governments should be allowed to monitor private emails and conversations in messaging services.
  4. The growing influence of services such as YouTube on mass media is destroying the appreciation of traditional music and culture in countries around the world.
  5. Struggling industries employing large numbers of people should be saved by governments even if they are no longer profitable.
  6. Should high-school students be allowed an input into what they learn at school?
  7. Should celebrities have to live in a way to set a good example to their fans or should be able live their lives as they want?
  8. Is becoming a vegan an answer to helping the environment?
  9. Slum / ghetto tourism is essentially visiting a zoo of poor people and does not show respect to fellow citizens.
  10. Trade barriers help protect companies and workers in each country and have many other benefits.


Students  may present balanced arguments for or against the topic statements. Marks will be awarded for organisation, a range of vocabulary and grammar, effective body language, in depth research and a thorough knowledge of the chosen topic.

Students may use PowerPoint, Prezi or notes, but are limited to 8 slides. You will lose marks for using more slides or simply reading from a script.

2 dec. 2019 admin 939 views