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St. Gilgen International School

Tara: Austria

Limba de predare: English, German

Ani de studiu:

Grade 4 - Grade 12

Inceput an: septembrie

Burse: Da


near Salzburg, Austria


Salzburg - 35 min.

St. Gilgen International School, founded in 2008, quickly gained popularity and became one of the favorite places for study in Europe. The school has an unique location on Lake Wolfgang, Austria being surrounded by beautiful mountains that rise high above the village with the same name. The school offers an academic and creative environment that stimulates personal development of students as future leaders. St. Gilgen is situated about 30 minutes drive from Salzburg, a city known for the famous music festival Mozart, ski slopes and natural attractions, and has convenient transport links to Munich, Vienna, Switzerland, Slovenia and Italy.

The mission of the school is to provide an education that meets the highest academic standards, based on Plato's moral principles - justice, tolerance and the courage to defend their own positions. Due to its natural beauty, the school offers unlimited opportunities for various extracurricular activities: adventure sports, mountain biking, climbing, sledding, hiking, skiing, sailing and riding that inspire creativity, ambition, enthusiasm and the desire to study. The school community is international, with young people from over 30 nationalities, mostly from Austria and Germany, and the rest - from the UK, US, Western Europe, Eastern Europe and Asia. All students know their names, strengths and goals for professional development.

Training is done in small classes that allow active communication with teachers and an atmosphere conducive to learning. St. Gilgen International School offers a balanced programme and is committed to developing the talent and personal potential of each student through a personalized and differentiated approach. Training is a continuous and dynamic process, not one limited in time and space, which takes place everywhere - in the classroom, on the football field or at home. Students have mentors and receive individual support from the staff on campus. There is a medical center with a doctor and two nurses.

The school is centrally located and provides easy access to sailing clubs, canoeing, tennis and gondola which leads directly to the ski slopes. The school consists of both refurbished historic buildings and new units, with modern design and Internet access. Students have access to art laboratories, a library, a media center, a theater room and science labs. The Mozart Music Hall, which is housed in a refurbished garage is the place which holds concerts and school performances. The curriculum provides work to various local and international projects with public and civic significance.


St. Gilgen owns 3 comfortable dorms, situated close to the school. Bachwirt and Haus Tirol are dorms for girls andTraube is for boys. All dorms used to be hotels in the past, offering a high quality of life. The rooms are double or triple. Students are sccomodated on separate floors, according to their age. A safe, relaxing and comfortable living environment is provided. Teamwork and social responsibility are encouraged. The students can get in touch with their parents any time. During free days there are a variety of leisure activities and trips.

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Sports & Activities

The large variety of extracurricular activities guarantees that every student has the chance to develop their own skills and interests. The school has a few athletism teams that take part in sportive competitions : voleyball, basketball, football, rugby, golf, ski, triatlon etc.

Every summer, the students take part in expeditions that include trips in China on the cotton road, climbing in Mont Blanc, work in Tanzania's orphenages, kayak, canoe and climbing on the volcanoes in Nicaragua.

St Gilgen (through the Mozarteum program) offers musical preparation for classical instruments and song composition for different styles, including jazz and rock. The vocal classes are extremely popular, as well as the choir activities.

The school hs its own theatre, art studio and cinema. Also, the students take part in cultural events in Salzburg and Viena. Each semester, the school organizes a performance or an exposition with the student's works of art. 

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  • Fees for 2018/2019: € 43 000 – € 54 500
  • Enrollment fee: €200
  • Confirmation deposit: €2500 + 1 trim

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