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Schule Schloss Stein

Tara: Germany

Limba de predare: German

Ani de studiu:

year 5 - year 12

Inceput an: September

Burse: Da


Stein, Germany


München - 1,5 h

About the school

Schule Schloss Stein was founded in 1948 by the Wiskott family and is one of Bavaria's top schools. Located close to the Alps and the Chiemsee Lake, the school offers the ideal conditions for  students to practice sports and explore the nature.

The school's popularity is due to its familial atmosphere and the exceptional support it offers the students, focusing on each student's needs, on tradition and the safety feeling characteristic to a real family. Schule Schloss Stein is the home of a real community, full of life. It promotes honesty, respect, solidarity, arts and culture, offering permanent support to its 150 students. The study in small groups of students, the teacher's dedication and the personal developement-oriented approach play an important role in the students' development. At the end of their studies, they leave the school, having developed a strong personality and good social skills.


Besides the modern classrooms, laboratories and library, the school is also proud of its own professional theater, its own equestrial base, and modern gym.


The students are accommodated in double rooms according to their age. Older students are usually accommodated in single rooms. Boys and girls live in separate buildings. Each dorm has its own shared area for socialization. Also, the school has its own club and cafe which are run by the students. For the Schule Schloss Stein the dorm becomes their home away from home. The chef and his team prepare delicious, healthy and varied food. Upon request the school offers special menus for vegetarians, vegans or for those who have to follow a certain diet.

The students must take part in the activities organized by the school for 6 weekends (orientation at the beginnng of the school year, the Christmas market, carnival, water sports, etc) and they can leave the campus during the other 6 weekends. The school organizes activities for the students who don't want to leave the campus .

General information

Age of students: 10 - 19

Age of boarding students: 10 - 19

Total number of students: 150

Total number of boarding students; 110

Number of foreign students: approx 30

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German program


School Trial Programme


Sports & Activities

As one of the basic principles of the pedagogical concept is the development of students' talents, Schule Schloss Stein offers a wide range of extracurricular activities: theater, choir, glass workshop, first aid course, basketball, football, rugby , tennis, karate, dancing, fishing, cycling, golf, riding, swimming, modelism, volunteering, etc.

Periodically, the school organizes literary weeks in which various writers, journalists and literary critics are invited,  who offer work experience programs and various other projects of interest to students. Excursions to Munich, Salzburg or Vienna are organized at the end of the week. The school encourages each student to participate in the extra-curricular activities offered.

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German program


School Trial Programme


  • Transcript of records for the last 2 years
  • Two letters of recommendation 
  • Exams
  • Interview

Annual fee for 2018/2019: € 30600 - € 35250

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