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Schloss-Schule Kirchberg

Tara: Germany

Limba de predare: German

Ani de studiu:

Grade 5 - Grade 12

Inceput an: September

Burse: Nu


Kirchberg, Germany


Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Nürnberg

About the school

Schule Schloss Kirchberg was founded in 1914 and is a boarding school recognized by the German state, being a member of the prestigious boarding schools union "Vereinigung boarding" (a sub-organization of German institutions of education). The school is located in a charming space, in the very tip of the small town Kirchbergen. The school has a reformativ and progressive educational orientation, opened to the world, and in particular, focused on natural sciences, theater arts and foreign languages. The main objectives of the school are to recognize and stimulate the potential of each student, taking into account the individuality of each one. Even if the school promotes the solid idea of academic and extracurricular excellence, it emphasizes on the personality of the student, not on the standardized models of success. Behind the personal and academic evolution of students there are numerous proposals and programs tailored to their needs. In addition, international students will benefit from the multicultural atmosphere inside the school created on the basis of experience accumulated over the years.


Students live in double rooms in modern furnished buildings.The rooms are big, friendly and bright and each student can decoreate their sleeping and studying space acording to their own liking. The kitchen and bathrooms are modern and clean. Students who are preparing for the Abitur benefit of special living conditions. 

General Information 

  • Age of students: 10-18 years
  • Total number of students: 300
  • Number of boarding students: 100
  • Procent of German students: 80%

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  • German Abitur
  • 10 + Program
  • German language at Goethe Institute

Sports & Activities

Students can choose from a large variety of sports, such as: football (intensive), badminton, golf, archery, basketball, judo, swimming, vleyball, climbing, horse  riding, american football. One of the school's goals is to teach the students how to be responsible and for this reason the school owns a few goats, sheeps and fish tanks that the students must take care of. Additional, the school offers the students a variety of interesting activities: pottery, technologies, choir, big band, balley, modern dance, theater and other cultural activities that take place in the campus.

During weekends, the students can go to the cinema, go on a trip to Stuttgart, practice ice skating or water ski

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  • German Abitur
  • 10 + Program
  • German language at Goethe Institute
  • Admission interview
  • Transcript of records for the last year of study
  • German language level: B2

For more information please contact IndegralEdu

  • Fees for 2018 / 2019: € 28 860 – € 29 460
  • Enrollment fee: € 270
  • Confirmation deposit: €390

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