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Mander Portman Woodward

Tara: United Kingdom

Limba de predare: English

Ani de studiu:

Year 10 - Year 13, University Foundation

Inceput an: September

Burse: Da


London, Cambridge, Birmingham


  • London, Heathrow (MPW London): 40 min.
  • London, Heathrow (MPW Cambridge): 2h
  • Birmingham (MPW Birmingham): 40 min. 

Brief history and description

MPW Group was founded in 1973 by three graduates of Cambridge University, consisting of three distinct colleges located in London, Cambridge and Birmingham, and offers flexible and diversified study programmes. Colleges are managed according to a unique management model and share common principles and methods of study. Its excellent reputation is due to the following core principles: individual methods of study, based on the needs and objectives of the students; studying in small groups of up to 8 students; practical courses; a balanced and flexible school curriculum with a wide variety of materials and combinations; on-going supervision of each student’s progress; professional orientation and support during the admission process at the university. Particular attention is paid to learning techniques useful during examinations.

MPW publishes its own textbooks and study materials for most of the subjects taught, and most of the professors have a doctorate in science and are part of the evaluation committees for the subjects they teach. The pleasant and relaxed atmosphere contributes to the development of creativity, self-discipline, as well as to the formation of research, analysis and teamwork skills.


There are several accomodation options, such as:

  • Campus: located near colleges, student boarding houses are specially designed for the needs of foreign students who, when entering a new cultural space, need a friendly, secure and study-friendly atmosphere. Most of the rooms are individually, with en suite bathrooms, but depending on the location, double rooms are also available.
  • Host families: accommodation is made at carefully selected families, who also serve as the student’s tutor. They provide breakfast and dinner. Lunch is served at the college.
  • Private apartments (18+ years): there are studios or apartments where students can sleep, with a shared kitchen, living room and bathroom.

MPW - London

The college is located in South Kensington, near Imperial College and the most famous museums and galleries in London. It is housed in a beautiful 19th century building that has been completely reconstructed and upgraded and features a media room, specialized IT, music and film cabinets, art and ceramics workshops, two photo studios, six biology, chemistry, physics and computer science laboratories. The refurbished theatre studio offers excellent conditions for rehearsals and performances.

MPW - Cambridge

Cambridge College is located near the University Botanical Garden and has two neighboring buildings, located in the city centre. The school’s central building is located in Brookside, a Victorian-style four-story building, which offers spacious and bright classrooms, three specialized science labs and an art studio. Most classrooms are equipped with audio-video equipment, interactive whiteboards and projectors. Facilities include two reading rooms for individual study, a digital library with 15 seats and a spacious exposition room. The College is an examination centre authorized to support several official tests. Students have a shared recreation room and a café which serves drinks, hot and cold food. The second building, located on Panton Street, is also built in Victorian style and includes spacious classrooms and a shared recreation room. Sports activities take place at The Leys School, located opposite the college.

MPW - Birmingham

Birmingham College is in a quiet and green area - Edgbaston, close to the university campus, and offers excellent study conditions. The facilities offered include scientific laboratories and two computer rooms. Most of the classrooms feature multimedia and interactive whiteboards. Students have a shared recreation room where drinks and snacks can be served.

General Information

Total number of students

  • London: 615
  • Cambridge: 204
  • Birmingham: 244

Number of foreign students

  • London: 137
  • Cambridge: 30
  • Birmingham: 24



Programe de studiu see all »

  • GCSE (1 or 2 year)
  • A-Levels (1 or 2 year)
  • Foundation Programmes
  • Courses for increasing grades
  • Easter Recapitulative Courses
  • EduCamps

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  • GCSE (1 or 2 year)
  • A-Levels (1 or 2 year)
  • Foundation Programmes
  • Courses for increasing grades
  • Easter Recapitulative Courses
  • EduCamps
  • School transcript with grades for the last two years, translated in English and notarised
  • English test
  • Interview

For more information, please contact our IntegralEdu consultants here.

Annual Fee for 2018/2019:

  • Birmingham: £ 25672 - £ 35543
  • Cambridge: £ 33070 - £ 41159
  • London: £ 41328 - £ 43428

Enrolment Fee: £ 270
Acceptance Deposit: 1 trimester

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