Mander Portman Woodward

Tara: United Kingdom

Limba de predare: English

Ani de studiu:

Year 10 - Year 13, University Foundation

Inceput an: September

Burse: Da


London, Cambridge, Birmingham


London, Heathrow (MPW London): 40 min.
London, Heathrow (MPW Cambridge): 2h
Birmingham (MPW Birmingham): 40 min. 

MPW Group was founded in 1973 by three graduates of the University of Cambridge and consists of three distinct colleges, located in London, Cambridge and Birmingham, providing a flexible and diversified curricula. Each year, over 950 students study here, of which most are English and about a third - foreigners. Over 1,300 young high school graduates in the UK are registered for specialist refresher courses improving outcomes. Each year about 100 foreign students  from different countries are admitted. Colleges are managed by a single management model and share common principles and methods of study. Excellent reputation is due to reuniting the following concepts: individual study methods, in accordance with students needs and specific objectives; study in small groups of maximum 8 students; courses with a practical orientation; balanced and flexible curriculum with a wide variety of materials and combination possibilities; continuously monitoring the progress of each student; professional guidance and support during the process of university entrance. MPW has created a common system of information for students and parents to have permanent online access, receiving regular written reports about the results and effort in each subject separately. MPW Training aids publish their own textbooks and study materials for most subjects, most of the teachers have a doctorate in sciences and evaluation committees are part of the subjects they teach. The relaxed atmosphere helps to develop creativity, self-discipline, and to train skills like research, analysis and teamwork.

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  • GCSE /1 or 2 years/
  • A-Levels / 1 or 2 years/
  • Foundation Programmes
  • Courses for higher grades
  • Easter refresher courses
  • EduCamps

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  • GCSE /1 or 2 years/
  • A-Levels / 1 or 2 years/
  • Foundation Programmes
  • Courses for higher grades
  • Easter refresher courses
  • EduCamps
  • School transcript with grades for the last two years, translated in English and notarised
  • English test
  • Interview

For additional details please contact an IntegralEdu consultant.

Fees for 2017/2018 school year in Pounds/year

Tuition fees London Cambridge Birmingham
GCSE/IGCSE  £27225 - £29499  £21570  £14382 - £19446
A-Level £27489 - £29499 £22350 - £27225 £19278 - £20574
University of London 
£17850 £17850 n/a
Northern Consortium UK £17700 n/a n/a
in Art
£21000 n/a n/a


  London Cambridge Birmingham
Campus MPW (breakfast) £18250 £10000 - £12850  £9950 - £10750
Housing family/week £170 - £230 £170 - £230 £170 - £230
Fee and deposit £450 £450  £450

Additional costs:

  • 18 months A-Level: £5995 - £8550/quarter
  • IELTS additional course: £1400 - £2300/quarter
  • Pre-A Level: £8550/quarter
  • ESL: £1580/quarter
  • Registration fee: £250
  • Deposit (redeemable): £8000 - £9000

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