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Institut auf dem Rosenberg

Tara: Switzerland

Limba de predare: English, German

Ani de studiu:

Prep School - Year 13

Inceput an: September

Burse: Nu


Saint Gallen


Zürich – 1h

About the school

Institut auf dem Rosenberg was founded in 1889 by Dr. Ulrich Schmidt and is located in Saint Gallen in the German part of Switzerland, just 70 km away from Zurich. The town is named after the monk Galus which was established in these places since the VII century. The perfect location of the town between the hills and the lake Bodensee Santis gave him the reputation of garden city. The city is known for its ancient university and the historic center with many old houses and picturesque shops. School enjoys an excellent reputation and international recognition. After the First World War the institute becomes the property of the Gademan family, which still owns the school today. In time, the school was confirmed as one of the main boarding schools in Switzerland. The motto of the school teacher are the words of Heinrich Pestalozzi, saying that the goal of the school is to teach us how to live.

Each student represents a separate entity and deserves an individual approach in training and formation. Spending time with students of different nationalities makes up skills such as socialization and compenionship with others and helps them discover and build confidence. Along with this, mastering foreign languages, respecting different points of view and skills to take decisions are vital to the future career of every student. School graduates are accepted at renowned universities such as EBS London, St.Martin's College, Aston University, Universities of Munich, Geneva. The school base covers a surface of 100 thousand m.p. in a residential district of Saint Gallen. The school has several units and homes, surrounded by a beautiful park.

Students are accommodated on different campuses, according to their age. Younger students are accommodated in 2-4 bedded rooms and the older ones in individual or double rooms. The bathrooms are located on each floor.

Age of students: 6 - 18 years old
Age of boarders: 6-18 years
Total number of students: 300

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  • Anglo-American section - GCSE, A-levels, High School Diploma, AP
  • German section - Abitur
  • Swiss section - Swiss Matura
  • Italian section - Matura Italiana
  • Language training
  • EduCamp

Sports & Activities

The school has its own tennis courts, football, basketball, Jet Ski Boat. Students can enroll in alpine cycling, golf, volleyball and tennis teams. There are excellent conditions for swimming, riding, fitness, dancing, ice skating, hockey, skiing and snowboarding, golf, climbing.

Art & Fashion Design
The School's Art Center allows students to express themselves creatively through drawing, painting, sculpture and fashion design, alongside experienced and skilled teachers.

Drama & Public Speaking / LAMDA
The Institut auf dem Rosenberg is the only Swiss boarding school accredited as LAMDA Center. The self-esteem, the social and communication abilities of students are developed through the debating and performing arts sessions that are held through this program.

Rosenberg is the accredited center of the Associated Board. Students can study vocal or instrumental music during school years, starting from primary classes, up to the 12th grade.

Summer and winter courses

During summer and winter the school organizes language courses in different locations (English, German, French, Italian). During the free time, there are a variety of fun activities, sport and trips.

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  • Anglo-American section - GCSE, A-levels, High School Diploma, AP
  • German section - Abitur
  • Swiss section - Swiss Matura
  • Italian section - Matura Italiana
  • Language training
  • EduCamp
  • Transcript of records of the last three years
  • Recommendation letter from a teacher
  • English/German and Math Test 
  • Interview 

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  • Fees for the school year 2018/2019: CHF 84 000
  • Deposit - CHF  4000 
  • Enrollmnt fee: CHF 500 

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