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Crown Guardians

Tara: United Kingdom

Limba de predare: English

Ani de studiu:

Nursery - Year 13

Inceput an:

Burse: Nu




Crown Guardians Bath organizes student services at the airport to welcome and escort them back home. The transfer is done through a team of professionals, parents receiving detailed information about the driver and his contact information before every trip. The transfer is done by authorized drivers.

Crown Guardians Bath Ltd is located in Bath, in southwest England. It provides advice and guidance to foreign students studying in the UK. In the past decade, the company has helped over 1000 students to adapt as quickly and easily as possible to the British lifestyle. The main objective of the organization is to facilitate the accommodation process, with issues such as airline tickets, phone numbers, transportation and more. Crown Guardians is in a permanent development and has a professional team that provides 24 hours services in order to reach their goal.

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Registration fee: 150 GBP
Tutors: 300 GBP/trim or 900 GBP/year-Deposit: 400 GBP

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