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Bromsgrove School

Tara: United Kingdom

Limba de predare: English

Ani de studiu:

Pre-Preparatory - Year 13

Inceput an: September

Burse: Da


Bromsgrove, Worcestershire


  • Birmingham - 30 min.
  • Londra, Heathrow - 2 hours

Bromsgrove School is located in the vicinity of the gorgeous Bromsgrove town of Worcestershire County. The school has a long history, the first information dating from the 16th century, from the time of the Stuart dynasty. In 1693, Sir Thomas Cook donated the first buildings that are currently part of the school campus. The school is located in a beautiful park of 100 acres. Buildings built in different epochs constitutes a mixture of architectural styles. Thanks to substantial investments to improve infrastructure, Bromsgrove is today one of the most modern schools in the Midlands region and has consistently held top positions in the top English schools. The latest acquisitions are the modern library and the center of art, design and technology.

Many foreign students learn here and they integrate quickly because of the pleasant and friendly atmosphere. The main objective of the school is the formation of ambitious, strong, critical and independent personalities, and who want a constant improvement. Thanks to the joint efforts of teachers and pupils, the school can proud itself in recent years with outstanding academic performance and excellent results at final exams, as well as students admitted to elite universities. Graduates are admitted to elite universities, including Cambridge, Oxford, LSE, Queen Mary, UCL, Imperial, Leeds, Durham, Warwick.


The Bromsgrove School offers excellent accommodation conditions for students in the boarding house. Girls and boys are housed in the 11 dorms available for school, in separate rooms. Students aged 13-14 are usually accommodated in 2 to 4-bed rooms, and those over 15 years old in double rooms with bathrooms on each floor. Most older students are accommodated in individual rooms, some with en suite facilities. At the disposal of the students is a qualified medical staff.

Age of pupils: 3 - 18 years old
Age of pupils in the boarding school: 13-18 years old

Total number of students: approx. 1270
Number of students in boarding house: 400
Number of foreign students: approx. 270

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Sports & Activities

In addition to school activities, students have the opportunity to participate in various additional events from many clubs and circles, which contribute to the development of skills such as self-discipline, initiative, leadership skills and others. During the week, students can study:

  • art,
  • design
  • technologies,
  • computer
  • theater,
  • electronic
  • and music,
  • dances,
  • horse riding,
  • cricket
  • chess,
  • bridge,
  • self defense
  • yacht
  • cinema club,
  • photography
  • the young entrepreneur's club and others.

Performing arts

The school believes that if music, art and theater are central elements in a school's life, the human condition is better understood by students. The art and design facilities are among the best in the country, music is taught in a 3000 square meter music school, and the theater department uses both studio facilities and the new Artrix Theater in Bromsgrove. Students can study a wide range of instruments, dance in state-of-the-art studios, create clothes for fashion shows. Students regularly go to concerts, theater plays, exhibitions and museums. Excursions are also organized in Central and Eastern Europe, USA or South America.

Sport is an integral part of the Bromsgrove pupils' life. The main sports that can be practiced are:

  • athletics,
  • cricket
  • hockey,
  • marathon,
  • rugby,
  • football,
  • tennis,
  • swimming,
  • aerobic
  • netball.

Other sports are also offered:

  • badminton,
  • basket-ball,
  • shooting,
  • karate,
  • horse riding,
  • yacht
  • squash,
  • table tennis,
  • weightlifting, etc.

Every year sports competitions take place both in the country and abroad. In addition to facilities in the school, students can also use nearby sports facilities. The sports center of the school has two sports halls, swimming pool, hockey grounds, football and tennis, athletic tracks, squash courts, fitness, golf courses, etc.

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  • School transcripts from the last two school years
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Fees for the school year 2017/2018 
Fees for students in boarding: £ 35 850 / year
Registration fee: £ 100
Deposit confirmation deposit *: £ 1000
* Parents living outside the EU are required an additional deposit equivalent to the one-quarter fee, which is added to the site confirmation deposit, totaling £ 11,950.

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