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Brighton College

Tara: United Kingdom

Limba de predare: English

Ani de studiu:

Pre-Preparatory - 13th Grade

Inceput an: September

Burse: Da


Brighton, Sussex (east)


Gatwick - 45 min.
Heathrow - 1h 40 min.

Brief history and description
Brighton College is one of the most prestigious schools in England, with an excellent academic reputation. Founded in 1845 by William Oldwin Somes, the college is located on the territory of a very large campus, in the heart of a popular seaside resort on the southeast coast, just one hour from London. Brighton College prides itself yearly with outstanding results, with most graduates being admitted to Oxford, Cambridge, UCL, Imperial College, Bristol, and others continue their studies at Edinburgh, Durham, Leeds, King's, LSE, etc.

The road to success is the exceptional professionalism of teachers and the high academic potential of the students. The main objectives are to cultivate the love of study for personal satisfaction of students, extensive schooling using innovative methods, the formation of practical skills, awareness and appreciation of the spiritual dimensions in life, the multilateral development of the interests outside the classrooms, the formation of feelings of respect and the tolerance by giving equal opportunities for developmen  the efforts and achievements of the student. The main mission of the school is to turn young well-trained and book-loving people into responsible people and active in society, ready to engage in the challenges of the surrounding world. The working formula behind success is the unwavering aspiration to achieve exceptional results in all areas.

The material basis is constantly updated and modernized, school activities take place in spacious halls, cabinets and well-equipped scientific laboratories. Students in the A-levels program have a separate center with classrooms and conferences, a computer lab, a university study counseling room, a prefectoral hall, and a lounge for relaxing with furniture, television, newspapers and magazines. Students also have a computer room, school theater, art school including Alexander Center (Visual Arts Center) and a dance studio, technology design center and a huge sports complex. One of the most frequented and loved places is the Gilbert Scott library. The College has a dyslexic department where help and counseling is provided. The basis of the philosophical principles embraced by school is the conviction that each pupil has to contribute to life in school and the college, in turn, must provide the conditions and the support necessary to obtain the maximum potential, depending on the possibilities and personal interests.

All dorms provide the necessary comfort for independent study and rest and have shared rooms with computers, equipped kitchens where you can prepare breakfast and hot drinks. Boarders are divided into two main groups: those with full board throughout the week, including foreign students and those leaving the college over the weekend and going home. The school has separate dorms for girls and boys, where a warm and family atmosphere reigns and a sense of mutual trust.

Extracurricular activities
Brighton College has over 140 clubs of interest that offer many extracurricular activities. Debate clubs of young entrepreneurs take part in national competitions between schools. Academic departments organize their own circles to develop scientific research. Sports and musical competitions, raffles, theatrical performances and musicals have a long tradition. The College has 5 orchestras, 4 choirs, chamber ensembles and rock bands. The dance studio offers step, jazz, break, modern and classical dances. Extremely popular are digital photography clubs, painting and theater. Concerts and performances are held on different scenes outside the school.

The College has an excellent reputation for sports and continues to be one of England's leading sports schools. Rugby, football, cricket, netball and hockey teams have a national reputation. It also offers: yachting, golf, squash, tennis, judo, swimming in the covered and heated pool, fencing. Most coaches are former national competitors.

General Information

  • Age of pupils: 3 to 10 years old and 11 to 18 years old
  • Age of pupils in the boarding school: 13-18 years old
  • Total number of students: 1460
  • Number of high school students: 945
  • Number of students in the boarding school: 240
  • Number of foreign students: 75



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  • GCSE
  • A-levels
  • English as a Foreign Language

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  • GCSE
  • A-levels
  • English as a Foreign Language
  • Transcript with grades from the last two years
  • Exams in English and Mathematics, intelligence test

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  • Motivation letter
  • Visit the school and interview with the director

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  • Annual Fee for 2018 / 2019 : £ 37470 - £ 39570
  • Enrolment Fee: £ 195
  • Confirmation Deposit: £ 3000

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