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Bradfield College

Tara: United Kingdom

Limba de predare: English

Ani de studiu:

9th grade - 13th grade 

Inceput an: September

Burse: Da


Bradfield, Berkshire County


Heathrow - 40 min.

Brief history and description

Bradfield College is spread over 200 hectares of ground, near the charming and picturesque village with the same name in Berkshire County. Founded in 1850 by Thomas Stevens, the college has established itself over the years as one of the main private boarding schools in southern England. 

The campus holds school buildings, dorms, dining room, chapel, theater, medical center, design and arts center, an impressive sports basement,etc. The latest acquisitions of the college are the music school, the textile center, the photo studio and a recently built soccer field that can be used all year round. A modern school complex where the chemistry laboratory, physics and biology laboratory will be is under construction, which will ensure excellent conditions for study, to exchange ideas and practical experimental work. Activities in the field of design and information technologies take place in rooms equipped with the latest generation equipment and computer programs that use scientific and modern teaching methods. Visits and meetings with representatives in the field of business and services, universities and other higher education organizations are often organized.

Bradfield College has several dorms with individual and double rooms, many of which have private bathroom, and the rest with a washbasin. Boys and girls in the high school are housed in separate buildings, each with a library, computer room and well-equipped kitchens. Younger students live in comfortable rooms and have shared halls for individual training and recreation, while older students are accommodated in individual or double rooms and have a greater freedom, as their school activities are implicitly more numerous.

Age of students: 13-18 years
Age of boarding students: 13-18 years

Total number of students: 782
Number of students in the boarding school: 712
Number of foreign students: 105

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Sports & Activities

Extracurricular activities
One of the great advantages of Bradfield School is the abundant offer of extracurricular activities. We offer a variety of fine arts:

  • drawing,
  • engraving,
  • sculpture,
  • ceramics
  • pottery,
  • computer graphics.

Practical activities are combined with visits at museums and galleries. The theater also enjoys a great interest and students can put into practice their talents and abilities in acting, direction, lights, sound, costumes and makeup. Every three years, Bradfield hosts Greek antique theater performances on the stage of the Greek amphitheater, which has retained its original appearance since 1899. Musical studies have long traditions and the college offers courses for 18 instruments like:

  • piano,
  • stringed instruments,
  • the guitar,
  • bagpipe
  • percussion.

The school has three choirs, a symphonic orchestra, a string ensemble, a jazz and swing band, groups of flute and saxophone, who regularly perform concerts both in college and outside. The music club organizes master classes and hosts famous performers. Under the auspices of the Duke of Edinburgh, various competitions are organized, which encourages students to participate in individual and collective activities. The various sections of the Volunteer Cadets Club (CCF) offer exciting activities that harmoniously develop the physical and mental traits of the students. Throughout the year, students have the opportunity to travel and visit new places, interesting natural, historical and cultural attractions.

Bradfield has a rich sports base: two outdoor football pitches, hockey grounds on the grass, cricket, golf, track of athletics, covered and heated swimming pool, tennis and squash courts, that is often used by professional competitors. The main sports for boys are football and cricket, and for girls - netball and lacrosse. In the sports center of 1300 square meters there are eight multifunctional terrains and a gymnasium with the necessary equipment, where students can practice:

  • shooting,
  • aerobics,
  • weight lifting,
  • basket-ball,
  • badminton
  • fencing.

The green fields and hills around are ideal for hiking and golf, and the Peng River is perfect for canoeing and fishing.

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• School transcripts with the grades of the last two years
• Exams in English and Mathematics
• Motivation letter
• School visit and interview with the principal

Tuition fees for 2018/2019 in GBP: £ 37404

Enrolment fee: £175

Confirmation fee: £11468

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