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Bournemouth Collegiate School

Tara: United Kingdom

Limba de predare: English

Ani de studiu:

Nursery - Year 13

Inceput an: September

Burse: Nu


Bournemouth, south-eastern England


Heathrow – 2 hours

Bournemouth Collegiate School is a private boarding school, located in southern England, just 5 minutes from the Bournemouth resort whose beaches offer excellent opportunities for windsurfing, sailing, swimming, beach football, volleyball and many other fun outdoor activities. Bournemouth Collegiate School offers excellent conditions for integration of foreign students from over 30 countries, who spend time with British students of the same age and take part in a variety of extracurricular activities. By developing academic skills, arts and sports, the school aims to make a contribution to the personality of its students and provides them with the knowledge necessary to pursue a successful career at the desired university.

The school campus is located on ​​3 hectares area near a forest and the golden beaches of the south coast of England. The first school building was built in 1872 to serve as a summer residence of Viscount Portman. Since then, the school campus has been expanded and modernized constantly, the gardens are beautifully landscaped with vegetation and trees surrounding the spacious sports fields. All of this contributes to creating a  pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. Students have four science labs, a music studio with modern technology, tennis courts, running track, cricket courts with natural and artificial grass, soccer and lacrosse courts, carpentry workshops, metal and plastics and a spacious cafeteria. The school has constantly invested in infrastructure development and modernization. Among recent acquisitions we can number a computer center, a recording studio, a film and media center, individual training halls, a library with computers, a gym and a swimming pool (25 m) covered and heated.

The school provides additional training for foreign students who need to improve their English language skills as well as IELTS exam preparation courses. The school prides itself on the exceptional results of its students, with annually admitted graduates from Russell Group member universities that comprise the top 20 universities in the UK.

The school provides a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. The boarding houses have been completely renovated and upgraded. There are individual and double rooms (one with private bathroom), fully equipped kitchens and communal rooms for recreation with foosball tables. It also provides access to internet and computers, where students can prepare their homework and papers.

Age of pupils: 3 - 18 years old
Age of pupils in the boarding house: 11-18 years

Total number of students: 350
Number of students in the boarding school: 90

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Sports & Activities

Sports Academy
The Bournemouth Collegiate School sports academy offers a unique program whereby students practicing sport can combine academic training with intensive workouts, individually and under the guidance of qualified coaches. The program aims to support the development of students' sports and technical abilities in order for them to achieve performance results. The School works in close collaboration with several teams and sports clubs to develop individual student programs. The sports academy offers the following sports:

  • swimming,
  • tennis (in partnership with The West Hants Club),
  • football (shared with the Arsenal club),
  • volleyball (with the Wessex Sports League),
  • badminton,
  • rowing
  • hockey.

Extracurricular activities
In leisure time, many extracurricular activities are organized, which are an integral part of the life of the school. Aquatic sports and swimming are among the favorite activities, but traditional sports are also part of actvities:

  • cricket
  • football and rugby,
  • basket-ball,
  • lacrosse
  • netball.

Very popular among the students are the music, art and theater clubs, which regularly prepare performances, concerts and shows.

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  • Pre-GCSE
  • GCSE
  • Pre-A-levels
  • А-levels
  • ESL
  • Transcript with grades from the last two years
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Fees for the school year 2017/2018 :
Fee for boarding students: £ 28,395 / year
Registration fee: £ 100

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