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Bede's School

Tara: United Kingdom

Limba de predare: English

Ani de studiu:

Preschools - Highschool

Inceput an: September

Burse: Da


Hailsham, East Sussex


Gatwick, Heathrow – 40 min.

Short history and description

Bede's is not a very selective school but, however, can be proud of the results of all his students. The basis of the philosophy of the school is the respect and recognition of the qualities and potential of the students, as well as the belief that each has something valuable and unique, and the role of the pedagogical team is to contribute to its discovery and development. Bede's is one of the few schools that adapts their programs to the pupils' personal needs. Successes are not reproduced by percentages and statistics, but by the individual results of each student. For some of them, getting B is a success, while for others, A * can mean an easy achievement. Courses take place in small classes of up to 8 students, with academic potential and different educational needs. To make progress, individual approach and teacher support, mutual trust and permanent contact are very important.

The campus of the primary school and the high school are located 7 miles away from each other. Each department is well-equipped, whether it's the Media & Film Studies department, Art School (which was recognized as one of the best in the country) or modern science laboratories, where students have the opportunity to do experiments on the order of the day. Besides these, the school has a music department, art and dance studio, a modern library with internet, etc.

The school enjoys partnerships with various local institutions, such as the Lewes Historical Society or Sussex University. Also, the partnership with King's College London is a guarantee for the constant innovation and refinement of teaching methods for school teachers. A large number of graduates are admitted to German, English or American universities.


Meads End, the dorm for the younger pupils of the primary school is actually a Victorian-style comfortable villa set in a large garden overlooking the sea, just a few minutes from the beach. Accommodation is available in rooms with 2 to 9 beds. High school students are accommodated in 10 dorms, 5 of which are for boarding students, and the rest are for day-care students. Students in the 9th year live in four-bed rooms, those in GCSE - in double and triple rooms, and most large A-levels students - in individual rooms.

Extracurricular activities

There are over 30 clubs on interests, specialized programs and various sports. Music, theater and dances contribute to the spiritual growth of children, the development of their vocal capabilities, the formation of stage attitude and the education of artistic taste. Fine Arts, Ceramics and Graphic Design courses are held by professionals. The school has orchestra, choir and many instrumental ensembles, including Latin, Pearl and Jazz. Professional musicians constantly support seminars and concerts with students.
Theater is the place that draws scenic arts and familiarizes students with cultural heritage and richness of English,
 allowing them to live the feelings and destinies of their heroes. Numerous performances and shows are part of the Shakespeare Tournament every summer. Since 2000, Bede's is the headquarters of the professional dance school that bears the name of his founder, Nikolai Legat. Although classic ballet has a central place in the program, attention is paid to choreographies, contemporary dances, jazz and step. For the most talented dancers, auditions are organized at the Royal Ballet College, Ballet National School, Rambert School and many other professional theaters.

Students have activities at least once a week. In 2009, the school's football team was the national champion, and the cricket, rugby, netball and tennis teams are holding the Sussex cup at regional competitions. Bede's students compete in national handball, fencing, table tennis, taekwondo, obstacle running and swimming teams.

General Information

  • Age of students: 3-18 years old
  • Age of students in boarding schools: 7-18 years old
  • Total number of students: 1775
  • Number of high school students: 757
  • Number of students in the boarding school: 340
  • Number of foreign students: 198



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  • Preparatory School
  • GCSE
  • Training for Sixth Form, 1 year GCSE
  • A-levels
  • BTEC
  • ESL
  • EduCamp

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  • Preparatory School
  • GCSE
  • Training for Sixth Form, 1 year GCSE
  • A-levels
  • BTEC
  • ESL
  • EduCamp
  • Transcript with grades from the last two years
  • Visit the school and interview with the director
  • Recommendation from the current school
  • Admission tests according to the year of study

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  • Annual tuition fee for 2018/2019 : ‎£ 35160
  • Registration fee: £ 100
  • Deposit for confirmation: £ 1000

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