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AMADEUS International School Vienna

Tara: Austria

Limba de predare: English

Ani de studiu:

Primary School - Grade 12

Inceput an: September

Burse: Da




Vienna - 40 min.

Brief history and description
AMADEUS International School Vienna is an international school located in the heart of the world's capital of classical music, Vienna. In addition to intensive training in the International Baccalaureate program, the school offers students the opportunity to develop their musical talent at the Amadeus Academy of Music, an integral part of the school. Studying at Amadeus Vienna helps students acquire a new vision of the world, learn to appreciate different points of view and at the same time develop their creativity, sensitivity, aesthetic sense, musical culture, improve their instrumental technique and acquire solid academic knowledge.Amdeus International School was founded in September 2012 and has since continued to grow in a coherent and organic way.

The school campus is located in the picturesque 19th district of Vienna, at a distance of about 4 km from the historic city center. The school occupies an area of ​​approximately 5000 m² and is housed in a building from the beginning of the century decorated in Art Deco and Art Nouveau styles. The pleasant and quiet atmosphere of the campus makes students feel at home and learn in a safe, study-appropriate environment. All students benefit from appropriate conditions for artistic, scientific and musical activities, as well as a well-equipped library. Classrooms are suitable for rehearsing and studying music, for teamwork or individual exercises with professional instructors. The nearby park is ideal for practicing outdoor sports and also has a gymnasium. Vienna also offers numerous sports opportunities, including swimming and skating. In February, ski holidays are organized with professional instructors.

AMADEUS Vienna is equipped with ten completely new "Steinway" pianos, including four large pianos, a concert piano located in the main rehearsal hall and five pianos in the smaller halls. The school has developed rapidly and has gained recognition internationally. Here he teaches pupils from 50 countries, most of whom come from Austria and China.

Amadeus Music Academy
As an integral part of AMADEUS International School, the Academy of Music provides compulsory music education to all
students regardless of their musical abilities. The music program was designed for each student, depending on his or her level of competence, instrumental interests and skills. The main objective of musical training is that students acquire the skills necessary to achieve success in any field of life.

Accommodation is made in the same building where school activities take place, which guarantees the comfort and safety of the students. Rooms have been recently renovated and have Wi-Fi access and en suite facilities. Most students are accommodated in double rooms. There are also several individual and triple rooms. On campus, a family atmosphere reigns, and educators who provide order and tranquility and help students to adapt to boarding life contribute to this.


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  • PYP
  • MYP
  • IB
  • Music academy
  • Linguistic training

Sports & Activities

Extracurricular activities
Students actively participate in the rich cultural life of Vienna, participating in numerous concerts and preparing concerts of their own. They participate in master classes conducted by famous performers and school lecturers. On free days, sports competitions and recreational activities are organized.

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  • PYP
  • MYP
  • IB
  • Music academy
  • Linguistic training
  • Transcript of records from the last two years
  • Audio or video recordings to prove the candidate's musical abilities. 
  • Admission tests at English and Mathematics
  • Interview with a school representative

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  • Fees for the school year 2018/2019:
  • Enrollment fee: € 250
  • Deposit confirmation deposit: € 3000

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