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Aiglon College

Tara: Switzerland

Limba de predare: German, English, French

Ani de studiu:

Grade 3 - Grade 12

Inceput an: September

Burse: Nu


 Chesières Villars, Switzerland


Geneve - 2,5 h

Brief history and description
Aiglon International College was founded in 1949 and enjoys an outstanding academic reputation and international recognition. The school started its activity with only 6 students and at the moment students and teachers from all over the world teach and study here. School brings together over 55 nationalities, mostly from the UK, Switzerland and the US. The school's care for its students is manifested in all aspects, is the key element of every good school. Encouraged and supported by teachers and tutors, students are devoted to study and discover their skills. The school prides itself on friendly relations between teachers and students and offer safety and stability in a world of new technologies.

Good academic achievements are based on the seven guiding principles formulated by the founder of the college, Mr. John Corlett, whose conception is that training is beyond teaching in the classroom and is aimed at preparing students for real life. The objective of the entire teaching staff is to contribute to multilateral development of the full potential of each student and the formation of harmonious personalities with a good academic background, strong physically and mentally and tolerant of different cultures and religions. Students are encouraged to develop leadership qualities and their individuality, while creating good relations with others. The school focuses on a healthy lifestyle, sports and activities occupying an important place in their leisure time. In recent years, college graduates were accepted to prestigious universities such as Cambridge, Oxford, Edinburgh, Durham, Bath, Bristol, Nottingham, Warwick, LSE, UCL, Imperial College, St.Martin's, the universities of Boston, Chicago, Montreal, Toronto, California, Pennsylvania and others.

The school campus occupies an area of 46 000 square meters and is made up out of 16 buildings. It is situated at 1170 m altitude in the French part of Switzerland, in one of the most popular ski resorts - Chesières Villars. The mountain is the students' second classroom, skying, hiking and the outside activities being an important part of the daily life of the Aiglon community.

The school own 7 pensions for the older students:  Alpina, Belvedere, Clairmont, Delaware, Exeter, Le Cerf, St. Louis and two for the younger ones: La Baita and La Casa. All of them are close to each other and have shared rooms and each of them has its own dining hall. Girls and boys are accommodated separately in 4-bed rooms (the older students are accommodated in single or double rooms). The students spend most of their days in their pensions. Each student has their own responsibility, according to their age and experience. The teachers live in a separate dorm and are directly involved in the students' lives, together with the tutors from the pensions.

Leisure activities

  • Sport: the students can practise various sports, regardless of their level. There are ski slopes, a swimming pool, an ice-skating ring, tennis, squash, basketball and football fields close to the school. During summer and fall, the students can practice tennis, basketball, volleyball, fitness, squash, yoga, swimming, aerobics, football, rugby and athletism. During winter they can practice skying or snowboarding for 4 hours / week. The activities take place under the supervision of experienced instructors.
  • Arts, music and theatre: the school offers a variety of classes in the field of arts, music and theatre, organizing activities in the film studio, ballet classes and music techniques. The works of the students who study art are exposed in Alpina Hall, situated close to one of the school's buildings. Additional to the compulsory musical activities, the students have the possibility of taking extra piano, guitar violin, cello, trumpet, flute, saxophone or vocal classes. Almost half of the total number of students take additional music classes. Theatre classes are also very popular among the students.
  • Spring and summer classes: Aiglon College organizes English, French, Math, Science and Performing Arts classes. The school also organizes preparatory programs for  SAT or ACT.

General information

  • Students' age: 9 - 18 years
  • Students who live in pensions: 9 - 18  years
  • Total number of students: 355
  • Students who live in pensions: 318


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  • IB
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  • Transcript of records of the last 2 years
  • A letter of recommendation from the English and Math teachers
  • Admission exams for English, Math and General knowledge (take place at the school)
  • Interview with the school principal

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  • Annual Fee for 2018 / 2019: CHF 103 000 - CHF 111 000
  • Enrolment Fee: CHF 2 000
  • Acceptance Deposit: CHF 14 000

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