The role of an IntegralEdu educational consultant

The role of an IntegralEdu educational consultant

We are permanently connected to the epicenter of global educational, chasing dynamics, understanding the changes and unraveling the right places for students, whatever their academic background and aspirations may be. 

Experience always confirms that each child is unique, as well as his family. Therefore, we do not follow recipes, but we try to show you the best options in terms of educational programs, school type and country of destination. The most important objective is to contribute to creating favorable context for cultivating pleasure to study and to develop the child.


More specifically, the services we offer are:


1. Choosing the country of destination 

Naturally, any country in the world has a unique culture of specific educational programs and different types of schools. Our experience may be useful when you'll want to make a choice.


2. Selection of an academic program

Academic programs (GCSE, A Levels, IB, Canadian, etc.) have distinct characteristics that define the future academic and professional careers of young people. We'll provide you with the necessary information for each of them, highlighting at the same time the opportunities given to pupils at the end of each program.


3. Selection of schools

In the world there are thousands of private schools (independent). Everyone has their own methods in addressing individual students. We will help you and your parents choose the most suitable, depending on the skills, aspirations and needs of your personal development.


4. Registration and admission

We prepare and submit all necessary documents for you. Most elite schools require candidates to take exams for admission and we can organize them in our office or at the British Council.


5. Maintaining the correspondence

The admission process requires daily contact with the chosen schools. We can do it, following and coordinating the entire process.


6. Visits

After you decide with your parents for some schools, it would be wise to visit them to analyze them and to meet the director for admission. We will establish meetings and we will take care of your and your parents' journey and stay at the place of destination.


7. Guardians

We offer our support in providing tutors for students under 18 who chose to study in the UK and Canada.


8. Choosing subjects

Admission to university may depend on the type and number of subjects studied in middle school and high school. Depending on your interests and ambitions, we advise you to make the best combination of subjects.


9. Confirmation

Confirming your favorite school will require submitting documents and making a bank transfer to pay the deposit requested by the school. We facilitate the connection with the school and make sure that the necessary documents confirming the place and proof of making enrollment deposit payment are submitted in a timely manner.


10. The journey

Through our travel agency Integral Sunny Holidays we can take care of organizing the journey by finding convenient flights and issuing the necessary travel and medical insurance for yourself and your parents. 


11. Keeping in contact with the school during the child's stay

After you arrive ath the new school, we keep in touch with the school to resolve various administrative or personal problems.


12. Monitoring progress and results

We want to ensure that you will easily adapt to a new educational environment and that your performance will be as expected. We will therefore closely monitor the reports submitted by the academic tutor, making sure you're in the right environment.


13. Consultation regarding the continuation of studies

Our colleagues in higher education  department will advise you on the desired specializations and universities abroad.

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