IntegralEdu Ambassadors

IntegralEdu Ambassadors




What does it mean to be an IntegralEdu Ambassador?

Want to see what a career in PR, Public Speaking or Marketing entails? How would you like to experience them during high school in the team of IntegralEdu Ambassadors?
This degree implies responsibility, commitment and proof that you are a person we can count on. It is your opportunity to gain an extraordinary experience that will help you take a step forward in your career. What does this mean:

  • you will be involved in the implementation of information campaigns in the city of origin;
  • you will carry out information activities and will hold presentations in educational institutions;
  • you will centralize all the data and related documents and you will be in daily contact with the Project Manager;
  • you will participate in the events and activities carried out by IntegralEdu.


What will you gain from this experience?

  • Specialized trainings that will help you acquire communication and public speaking skills;
  • You will become familiar with the international education market;
  • A mentor who will help expand your comfort zone and grow in a non-formal setting;
  • You will be part of a national team of IntegralEdu Ambassadors;
  • You will gain practical experience in Marketing by implementing various communication campaigns;
  •  Access to different events organized by the company;
  •  Recommendation from us - according to your results;


Who can apply?

  • Young enthusiasts who aspire to a career in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčcommunication, PR, public speaking, marketing or brand management;
  • Young people with leadership aspirations, who want to build an image and affirm themselves by their abilities, having the chance to form an experience and to be noticed;
  • Young people who want to make a difference between undergraduates and postgraduates, helping them to be better informed and have access to top study programs;
  • Key features we pursue: motivation, positive thinking, solutions and results orientation; respecting the deadlines and assuming responsibilities, communication skills in public (previous experience is an advantage, but it is not a mandatory criteria)
  • 9, 10 and 11 graders.