What is the mission of IntegralEdu?

IntegralEdu is an organization that has over 25 years of international experience in offering educational information and free consulting for educational institutions worldwide. We have been in Romania for more than 7 years with children and families who want to continue their high school or university abroad, to improve their language skills or to prepare for studies and a successful career.

Types of education abroad and IntegralEdu and services accessible through the World Education events:

  • Full package of consulting services, training files, enrollment, study visits, support during the entire studies etc .;
  • EduCamps and foreign language courses abroad;
  • Secondary and high school programs abroad;
  • Training programs for foreign language exams and preparation for admission to study;
  • Undergraduate, master's and MBA programs;
  • Work & Travel programs for students;
  • Special training EduCamp organized in Romania;
  • Events dedicated to the participation of partner institutions abroad.


Are IntegralEdu services for free?

Of course. We have a large portfolio of partnerships with institutions around the world. For applications made to, the services offered by consultants IntegralEdu are free. For further information, call one of our offices.


For whom are IntegralEdu services?

We address both children (starting at 3 years of age) and adults, depending on the nature of desired programs.


When is the right time to start an application for a school abroad?

When you start to flirt with the idea to continue your studies abroad, it is very important that the desire is shared by the whole family, especially the child. There is no age more appropriate than another, since academic preparation and emotional comfort are necessary for such changes.

As required during the admission process, with all that that entails (counseling, preparation, admissions, etc.), it is recommended to begin as early at least one year prior to the study. It is good to know that some schools begin admission procedures for 2-3 years before students begin studies in that school.


What is the best school for my child?

The phrase "best school" is proving to be lacking in clarity, in many cases. The most important objective is to find the best school for each child, taking into account academic achievement, aspirations, passions and his personal needs, in order to establish a steady relation between child and school ethos.


What is the best system of education for my child?

When making a choice between the educational system and another, it is recommended to take into account the academic and psychological profile of the child, the manner of study, the university specialization desired, by destination etc. For a thorough discussion on this subject, you can get in touch with one of the IntegralEdu consultants.


I believe that the son / daughter is not sufficiently prepared / ready for such a change and do not know how to adapt. What can I do in this case?

Indeed, environmental change cultural, educational and social can be quite challenging for your child. Whether you need an improvement in the level of language study desirable or not is decided on the program of study chosen specialization suited his or simply does not know what expectations to have in terms of independent schools, there series of preparatory steps that can be taken into account. More details you will find here.


What are the costs involved by attending an independent school abroad?

The cost for one year of study at a high school abroad are significant if you look at the figure but if we consider what is included in these costs, the perception changes. Analyzing the cost of a year of schooling, we can discuss a price-quality ratio.

The quality of his school teachers who hires, school facilities, the laboratories, the number of students in class (maximum 8 or 28 maximum), how often they are practical applications in chemistry, physics, biology, etc., variety of study materials offered and school or extracurricular activities, etc., all depend on the budget that the school has.

The cost of a year of study include: tuition, lodging, two or three meals a day (depending on the type of school choice) dinners formal home, most activities and social events dedicated students, books, resources and explore curricular guardian academic staff monitoring and counseling students and career guidance. Depending on the particular type of school (public or private) and depending on the country chosen, we speak of these costs:

UK: £ 14,000 - £ 44,000 / year
Switzerland: CHF 69,000 - CHF 100,000 / year
Germany: € 20,000 - € 39,000 / year
Austria: € 38,000 - € 64,000 / year
Portugal: approx. € 26,000 / year
Holland: approx. € 39,000 / year
Canada: $ 25.000 CAD - $ 61,000 CAD / year
USA: $ 43.300 - $ 76,000 / year


Is there a possibility of obtaining a scholarship to an independent school abroad?

The schools provide academic scholarships students with good results, students with scholarships sporting or artistic talents. More information can be found here.

We offer free assistance throughout the application process at partner schools that meet your child's needs best.

Tests for a scholarship contend IntegralEdu offices in Bucharest, Constanta, Galati, Timisoara, Craiova and Iasi.


I have more questions. Who can I speak with?

The choice of study destinations sits a complex analytical process that generates many questions and parental worry. Our role is to provide the necessary support making the best decision for each child. Therefore, it is advisable to contact one of us, consultants IntegralEdu to find answers to all your questions.

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