College School

College School

School experience is essential, therefore it is very important to hav a favorable atmosphere. He must be the right student at the right school. And vice versa.

More flexible rules

The college school simulates university student life, to a certain extent. Unlike boarding schools, here rules are more flexible and the degree of freedom of students is higher. The student's schedule outside the classroom is not as rigorously outlined as in a boarding school and how you manage your studies is your task. Therefore, it requires a certain level of maturity and a sense of responsibility.


Flexibility does not exclude strictness, therefore in dormitories you will respect the internal rules and arrival times, you will have permanent staff supervision, but you have enough freedom to go out with friends and colleagues.



If you decided to change your school and leave the comfortable family atmosphere, you definitely not lack the motivation to follow your academic goals. In a college school you need a good management of your own resources and you need to be able to balance between time dedicated to studying and socialization.



And because college  schools are in inner cities, it is possible that your place of accommodation not to be that close to your school. The distances vary from one school to another and you may need to use public transportation, or even bicycle.


Sports facility

Because the area is limited, usually college schools do not have their own sports facilities, but they subcontract sports grounds and swimming pools from other institutions in the city.



Rarely does a college school ensure all three daily meals. Most often, they only offer breakfast and dinner, others just breakfast. So, you either cultivate your culinary skills in the kitchen of your home town or you trust the chef's skills from the college cafeteria.



Wearing a uniform is not mandatory, but most schools require a certain type of college dress code.



Most college schools are for those over 14 years old. If you have not reached this threshold, then it is best to arm yourself with a little patience.

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