Boarding School

Boarding School

It is certain. You started thinking of choosing a school that suits your aspirations and preferences. Therefore, besides the decision that you make about the educational program that you are going through, it is important that you choose the right type of school. There are countless. We are talking about schools with a special character, such as religious or military, but here we focus on schools that dictate the structure, often, style and educational concept. There are two main types of such schools: Boarding schools and College schools. What suits you best?


Boarding schools


Educational experience is essential, therefore it is very important to have part of a favorable atmosphere. It must be fit into the right school student. And vice versa.



Life in a boarding school type offers many benefits. In a boarding school you have everything you need, at a stone's throw. Classrooms, arts department, department of music, theater, library, gyms, dormitories, cafeteria, medical office, church, etc., all are inside the campus.


In addition to rigorous academic preparation, you get sports activities, arts, entertainment, and a variety of extra-curricular activities. Because of the variety that you share, you will discover sports and new activities, you will make friends, you explore new places, you will discover yourself.


The very structured program that you have helps you become responsible, develop your self-confidence, you learn to manage your time effectively and enjoyin the beauty of age.



If you decided to change your school and leave your comfortable family atmosphere, you definitely do not lack the motivation to follow your academic goals. In a boarding school you'll have a timetable designed by the school, both for the classroom and for sports activities, recreation, extra-curricular activities. Following the school program, you'll be able to enjoy a balanced life.



Homes are located within the campus. Each dorm has a houseparent, who cares for your wellbeing.


Sports facility

The sport is very well set up and allows you to practice and discover a wide range of sports.



In a boarding school type of all meals provided. The food is varied, but you should expect a different experience from what you're used to at home. If you want to relax cooking something easy for you and your friends, you can use your common kitchen of the home.



The uniform is mandatory, except in the last 2 years of high school, when you replace it with a suit / business attire.



11/13 years is the most common age they have children who enroll in boarding regime. There are schools that addresses mainly younger children, aged between 3 and 11/13 years.

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