"Getting into Oxbridge" - masterclass by Timothy Joseph

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"Getting into Oxbridge" - masterclass by Timothy Joseph

On February 24, from 14:00 to 16:00, at World Education Fair, the Masterclass called "Getting into Oxbridge" will take place. The masterclass' speaker will be Timothy Joseph (representative of Mander Portman Woodward group of colleges), UCL and Institute of Education London graduate, with 35 years of experience in the field of international education.

Beyond what you think, it matters how you think. Critical thinking and creativity are two of the most important skills whose development has become the primary focus of elite schools around the world, being highly regarded by top universities (such as Oxbridge) and extensively explored in the most important professional spheres – just to uncover some of the topics that Timothy Joseph will approach during the Masterclass.

But what does it mean to think critically? It certainly does not mean to criticize the one next to you, but to think rigorously, to analyze, deconstruct and reconstruct information and to pass through your own filter, with your mind open and unprejudiced.

A person with a well developed critical thinking can do the following:

·         understands the logical connections between ideas

·         identifies, develops and evaluates arguments

·         detects rational errors and inconsistencies

·         solves problems in a systematic way

·         identifies the relevance and importance of ideas

·         reflects on the beliefs and values of the other.


Some people may think that critical thinking excludes creativity because the first involves rules of rational analysis and the second involves breaking the rules. But these two things don't exclude each other, they are in fact complementary - you need a dose of creativity to think less conventional solutions and you need critical thinking to help you improve and polish your creative ideas.

And you do not have to be a painter, graphic designer, writer or composer to be creative. Creativity has its purpose in all fields. Yes, including in engineering or science, who would have believed?! Innovation comes from creativity. More than that, it comes from combining critical thinking with creativity. That's why elite schools and prestigious universities identify and cultivate these abilities.

Another very interesting thing is that critical thinking and creativity are about to become some of the most important skills that the most important employers of the world will appreciate. According to the extensive research by the World Economic Forum, The Future of Jobs, in which leaders from major global organizations were involved, the list of skills sought on the labor market in 2015 compared to those to be looked for in 2020 looks like this:


The things you will discover during the Masterclass will be even more interesting, especially as Timothy Joseph has 35 years of experience in international education!

Register for free at World Education Fair here and attend the Masterclass "Getting into Oxbridge".



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Feb 13, 2018 admin 2211 views